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Sales for Trails Program

  • Retail sales will be subject to a 1% addition at time of checkout.
  • One simple manner to implement this is to create within the retail point of sale system (POS system) two new 'taxation' entries that reflect one of two situations:
    • for a standard taxed sale, an entry that reflects the overall standard tax requirement 'plus 1%'.
    • for a standard non-taxed sale, an entry that reflects only a 1% additional value.This will be applied to non-taxed entries such as labor.
  • These tax entries are selectable at the time of sale, with a single tax entry designated as the default value for each type of sale (i.e. a default entry for a normally 'taxed' sale, and a different default entry for a normally non-taxed sale).In the POS system, set the following as the default tax settings:
    • the 'standard + Sales for Trails 1%' tax entry as the default tax selection for normally taxed sales.
    • the 'Sales for Trails 1%' tax entry as the default tax selection for normally non-taxed sales.
  • Be clear with all staff and customers that participation in the Sales for Trails program is fully voluntary.A customer can choose at the time of checkout not to contribute to the Sales for Trails effort.A sales person can manually select normal taxation entries (typically a pull-down menu in most POS systems) at the time of sale to avoid any Sales for Trails addition.
  • Be clear with all staff and customers that the default setting at your retail establishment is that the Sales for Trials 1% addition is added at the time of checkout.
  • Be clear with all staff that the method of implementing the Sales for Trails 1% contribution process via a tax setting is an accounting process.This process does NOT create a new and incorrect TAXATION VALUE.This can be clarified with any customer if questions arise regarding the display of tax value.
  • At the time of summarizing the contributions to the Sales for Trails program, reports can be run on the POS system to illustrate the magnitude of all Taxed sales and all Non-Taxed sales.The total value owed as a contribution to the Sales to Trails program will be 1% of each of those two total values.It's anticipated that this summarizing and payment to the Sales for Trails program will take place on a quarterly basis at each business.

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Inaugural RAT Race & RAT Fat Tire Fest!
Jun 10 @ 12:00AM
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Ride the Rockies Beer Garden
Jun 15 @ 1:00PM
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Uncompahgre Trail BASH
Jun 24 @ 12:00AM
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Crane Lake Trail Work
Aug 12 @ 8:00AM
Details TBA Crew Lead: Kris Cox
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