Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2017
Meeting Minutes 7-10-17
President Scott Winans called the meeting to order and called the roll.  Present were the President and board members Rodney Fitzhugh, Renata Raziano, Sven Edstrom, Gary Baker, John Howe, Chris Muhr, Edward Hines, Dan Antonelli and Paul Koski.  Also present were Katie Sapp, Marty Kauzlarich,  Tish McCombs, Past President Bill Harris and Jim Maggio. Absent were board members Stephen Barnes, Clark Rieves and Trish Oakland.
Finding a quorum present, the President called the meeting to order and requested comments on the minutes from the April 17, 2017 Board meeting.  John Howe stated that the minutes should reflect that the GV chapter contributed 7000 to a contractor to perform maintenance on the Bike Park at the Tabeguache Trail Head west of Grand Junction.  Following motion made and duly seconded, the Board voted to approve the minutes from the 4/17/17 board meeting, with the amendment noted.
Annual RODent Award
The president presented the RAT Chapter’s Annual RODent Award to Rodney Fitzhugh in recognition of his longtime service on the RAT Chapter steering committee.
Chapter Reports
The president noted that all chapter chairpersons except Edward Hines from the RAT Chapter had previously submitted written chapter reports and urged each board member to read the reports.  The president then asked each Chapter Chairperson whether any of them had any additional comments or information further to the written reports previously submitted.  Several of the Chapter chairpersons read from their written reports.  Renata Raziano from the MUT Chapter noted the recent name change from Uncompahgre Chapter to Montrose Uncompahgre Trails (MUT). The president then noted that all chapters must include the COPMOBA logo in all public communications and advertising, including maps.  He asked that all proposed maps be submitted to the Board for discussion and approval.  The president also request a report from MUT on what worked and what did not work at the MUT fundraiser during the Ride the Rockies event in Montrose. 
Chapter reports from the MUT Chapter, the GVC Chapter the DAMB Chapter and the West End Chapter are appended hereto. 
The president also requested a presentation from the GV Chapter on their continuing partnership efforts with BLM, which was mentioned in the GV chapter report.
Rodney Fitzhugh noted that the RAT Chapter had not submitted a written report and briefly summarized ongoing activities in Ouray County, as follows:
            RAT Fest generated approximately $6000.00 in net income with the precise amount undetermined until deposits from Red Podium can be tracked and accurately verified. Almost 100 racers participated and in general all feed-back was positive, with only a couple racers complaining that the pace set by the Town Marshall for the neutral start was too fast.
            RAT has been working with BLM and SSST to create another new trail in the general area of Big Cheese to provide an alternative descent to the Road 10 parking area.  CPW 2017 grant funds will be reallocated from State Park connector trail construction because State Park appears unlikely to complete the needed administrative process before the 2017 CPW deadline.
            RAT will seek planning grant funds from CPW in 2018 to create detailed mapping to generate a proposal for new trail construction and major reroute work on and near the east 1/3 of the Dallas Trail. RAT has submitted a summary of the proposal to the Board and Amy Sharp.  Rat will need to contact CPW about wildlife concerns before Amy submits the grant application. RAT has done a lot of research through County Records to determine that public access is available to reroute the highly erosive switch back section from County Road 17 to the intersection of Dallas Trail and Corbett Trail. Based on said research, RAT expects we will need support from Ouray County, USFS, BLM and certain private property owners in Ouray County in order to accomplish the preferred alternate for one of the proposed reroutes at the far east end of Dallas trail.  Need to seek pre-approval from CPW on this program
            The president requested a summary from RAT for concerning planning, staging and wrap up of the RAT RACE event, e.g., what worked and did not work.   Edward Hines agreed to provide that.
            Edward explained race registration through Red Podium and noted that next year RAT may try a different alternative offering race timing technology packaged with the registration portal.
Renata and Rodney noted that merchandise sales are up for both RAT and MUT.
Treasurer Report
The treasure did not attend. The president requested that all chapter chairpersons review financial report prepared by the treasurer for this meeting, compare them to local records for consistence and contact the treasurer about any discrepancies.  Rod noted long-standing discrepancies between Treasure numbers and RAT local fund numbers and indicated he will continue efforts to reconcile.  
The president noted that the Finance Committee formed at the last meeting has not met as agreed and requested that the treasurer set a meeting within 30 days. John Howe agrees to help get that scheduled.
Coordinator Report
Tish McCormack reported:  She has located the old report template. Total present membership is 318; she sends out monthly renewal reminders via mail and email; emailed to all lapsed members (260) and got 23 renewals, mostly paying online; the Facebook page has 1419 likes; she has met with every chapter steering committee or with each local chapter chair or has attended a chapter event for each chapter; TDB is almost wrapped up – all auction items have been invoiced; has worked on several chapter specific initiatives, such as MUT maps, MUT rebranding, RAT Fest and Donor sponsored pump station at Ouray County Rd. 10 trail head, DAMB REI grant and related press releases and RFP’s; she focusing now on Facebook, sales for trails; she would like more communications on a regular basis from the chapters, copy her on all email, no amount of email is too much; she is looking for some direction on Board expectations  A discussion ensued concerning the monthly newsletter.  
The president asked that all chapters copy the coordinator on all communications.
The president advised that he will consolidate and circulate suggestions for coordinator priorities in the near future. He will initiate a coordinator priority discussion on the google group within the next 2 weeks; Tish has compiled and consolidated all prior discussions on the topic.
Old Business
Liability Coverage
John Howe had volunteered to review the extent of liability coverage and the enforceability of indemnity agreements with various municipalities, but has not completed that.  He doesn’t yet have the current insurance policies; He will complete that review and summary before the next board meeting.
BLM MOU: The GJ BLM office did not get UFO support for an organization-wide MOU with COPMOBA.  UFO has told several chapter chairs they want separate MOU’s for each chapter.  The president will, within 2 weeks, seek a definite statement from BLM on whether they will produce a unified MOU for COPMOBA.
New Business
REI Grant
            Tish reported that we did receive the money from REI for use on Escalante/Dominguez  Triangle trail planning.  She produced and distributed an RFP seeking estimates on the what we can actually get in the way of useful for 25-30 miles of trail with the $5000.00; and the additional cost for any suggested additions. BLM will try to match the REI money.
            Sven reported that DAMB picked this area because it has an RMP and TMP in place and it’s designated as a Rec Management Area in the UFO RMP Draft.  It is the area within the DAMB bailiwick most suitable for trail development at the moment.
Bill Harris suggested that DAMB should seek planning assistance with something like the “scope of work,” planning obtained by the Montrose Chapter in 2010 for the RAT trail system.  
Discussion ensued concerning ‘ground proving a trail.’
CPW Planning/Construction Grant
            1.         Contracts
            A discussion took place concerning 2017 construction/maintenance grant applications in general.  Following discussion, motion was made and seconded concerning both planning and construction/maintenance grant applications, as follows: that all such applications submitted in 2017 for CPW grants shall be contracted by the Company for preparation by Sparrow Trails, that all fees for grant preparation shall be paid from the General Fund and that all such contracts with Sparrow shall be contingent upon the inclusion in the grant application of a request for administrative funding to COPMOBA of 5% of the total of any grant ultimately awarded. The motion carried unanimously.
            2.         Planning
            The president noted that we can get a discount from the standard $3500.00 to $3000.00 for preparation of a grant application by contracting Amy Sharp for the grant applications before August 1st.
            a.         RAT seeks a planning grant for Dallas Trail Corridor new trail construction and reroutes and needs $20,000.00, to prepare detailed gps mapping for 20 miles of trail. Rod Fitzhugh noted that Rat needs to seek preliminary input from CPW wildlife specialists before submitting a grant application. Rod advised that RAT has had very substantial preliminary discussions with the Forest Service about this concept – FS actually has suggested that RAT work up a plan for new and re-purposed or rerouted trails along and near the Dallas Trail, and has specifically requested a detailed plan with maps for proposed trials.  They want to walk the proposed lines themselves. RAT has also researched public records and verified the existence of alternative, public access to the existing, eroded switchback descent from Moonshine Park to County Road 17.  RAT has determined that, even with the clear, legal alternate access, a re-route via this such access will require cooperation from BLM, FS, Ouray County, CPW and a local private subdivision.
            b.         GV – seeks likely less than $50,000.00 for Fremont Trail System planning. John Howe will try to refine the amount needed (probably down) on a per mile basis and seek vetting of the concept from CPW wildlife personnel before seeking a grant. The GV folks have six traces and 2 ground proofed; existing BLM planning definitely allows for this kind of activity, although we may have some cultural and floral issues; BLM planning is not done, however; they are aware of the concept have done no specific planning and have received no specific proposal.
            c.         DAMB – seeks further funding for the Escalante/Dominguez project, but do not have enough information to state a definite amount.  DAMB believes Delta County will have matching money for this grant. 
            d.         West End – No planning grant funds needed
            e.         MUT – No planning grant funds needed
            f.          After a detailed discussion, it was agreed that Rod Fitzhugh will contact Amy Sharp about preparation of a unified application for CPW planning grant funds for the RAT, DAMB and GV proposals. Rod, John and Sven will serve as Chapter contacts for RAT, GV and DAMB, respectively, through whom Amy will communicate with each chapter concerning the process and needed information. Rod will ask Amy to develop a contract proposal.  The coordinator and president request that the coordinator receive copies of all communications related to this application.
            3.         Construction/Maintenance
            a.         DAMB seeks funding of an unknown amount for maintenance and enhancement of existing trails on Jumbo Mountain.  All trails in question have been confirmed as part of the BLM existing trail inventory and no NEPA process is needed.  
            b.         MUT seeks funding for 2 bridges in the Spring Creek system.  MUT estimates a cost of possibly $50,000.00 for both, but has no project-specific estimates. BLM supports this plan and will not require any NEPA process.  
            c.         GV seeks funding to complete Mack Ridge trails.  GV needs 56K.  That is a hard number and the project is fully approved and shovel-ready with a favorable NEPA record decision on the books.
            d.         DAMB – Sven reported that Jumbo trails are posted on MTB project with inaccurate lines leading to private land and trespass issues; use will increase on Jumbo; existing bridges need fixed; other sections of trail are not sustainable and serious erosion continues; a more detailed inventory is needed; UFO supports and wants the maintenance grant app; Amy inventoried the trails all show on the existing inventory so no EA needed. BLM has inventoried much of this and will approve maintenance on any trails in their agreed inventory.  BLM also wants a kiosk. However, Amy says our application will score better with all construction or all maintenance.
            e.         A discussion ensued concerning the potential for negative grant scoring on a unified application for all three projects if they are not all either new construction or maintenance.  Various board members believe, based on discussions with Amy Sharp and others that the application could get rejected due to mixed purposes.  MUT and GV projects are basically ready to go and involve new construction, no maintenance.  DAMB is all maintenance.
            Scott propose that we ask Amy to seek funding with a unified grant application for all three projects, but rely on Amy to determine whether any weak component should be dropped. John made a motion on that suggestion, which was seconded and passed unanimously.
            Rod will transmit this basic plan to Amy. Contact people for Amy concerning the construction/maintenance grant application will be John, Sven and Renata. Scott requested that he and Tish get copied on all relevant communications
            Paul mentioned work needed basically to reclaim Picket Trail. Dan noted that trail already appears on the BLM map so we just need construction/maintenance funding to reclaim it Paul.  A discussion ensued concerning the trail length (1/2 mile) and the possibility of reclaiming the line with a volunteer effort.  The board concluded by consensus that we needn’t seek CPW funds for that project.
Palisade Plunge
30 mile + project with GPS on 20; contracted with outside firm to do NEPA with BLM as lead on it
Need volunteers from each local chapter at each FS meeting  starting August 1 at the 4H center in Ridgway. Ed and Rod will attend that meeting.
Dan noted:  in 2002 a lot of Mt. Bike issues got very little consideration in revisions to the plan; FS scores each trail for user type; bikes did not get scored on lots of trails so we want FS to review all that and consider the explosion of recreational use, and bikes in particular, in GMUG over the past 15 years. Many old trails should open to bikes.
Rod will share Brian’s Hoefling (RAT committee person) letter concerning bikes and recreation use issues to the Board for possible revision and signature by the president, and transmittal to forest service as an initial COPMOBA position on the Plan Revision Process.
Chris Muhr:
Many OI Retailers consider GMUG a good test case for how national, FS Rec planning will proceed in the future.  Retailers clearly want FS to plan for and promote more rec use on forest service lands. So do we. The national OIA has assigned people to focus industry influence on GMUG planners to make sure non-motorized rec gets full consideration.  OIA sees the GMUG as an ideal public rec resource due to the combination of resources available and their proximity to population centers.  
In a related development, Chris also has a meeting in Denver with the COLO Tourism office to push his Colorado Adrenaline Trail concept.
Dan notes that we need all the help we can get as we are competing in the Revision Plan Process with many fierce  wilderness advocates
RIDE!! Sven reported plans for a ride July 23d to scout Raggeds Trail in cooperation with Paonia and Gunnison trail advocates;  GMUG FS trail no. 820.  Riders will shuttle from the  Paonia Reservoir Dam.   Sven will forward specifics about shuttle and time.      
IMBA renewal due – The board had a brief discussion about maintaining affiliation with IMBA. Various people noted the need for a national voice on MTB issues and that IMBA affiliation has produced valuable benefits for the Company over the years.  The cost has been $500 per year in the past. A motion to renew the affiliation, maintaining the same status as in previous years, was duly made, seconded and carried unanimously.  The Coordinator will complete the renewal.
Katie Sapp was invited to join the board but declined.   
The Board will next meet in Nucla on October 9th, 6:00pm, likely at the Naturita Library. Paul will provide more details after he makes needed arrangements.
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