Bill Harris & Ralph Files Receive "Key Citizens Award"!

January 26, 2016
Uncompahgre Chapter members, Bill Harris and Ralph Files, were presented with the “Key Citizen Award” at the January 19th Montrose City Council meeting in recognition of their outstanding contributions to making the Cerro Summit Recreation Area an all-season recreation facility by adding an extensive hiking and single-track mountain biking trail system. 

Mr. Harris and Mr. Files visited the Cerro Summit site with City staff in 2012 to evaluate its potential for trail development. Both individuals served a crucial role in the trail plan adoption, event organization, and volunteer coordination, and invested many hours of hard labor to make the vision for the site a reality. Last summer their dedication to the project paid off with the completion of a user-friendly trail system that features four miles of trails, orientation signs and a trailhead kiosk.

“The cornerstone to the nomination was in their overall project approach,” said Senior Planner Garry Baker. “Bill and Ralph built a trail system not by asking the City to do the project, but by asking for a little assistance while they led the project themselves. Their significance to the Cerro project cannot be overstated. Without them, the Cerro Summit project would not have happened. Bill and Ralph have been trail builders and trial advocates for decades. They are true leaders and have made Montrose a better place.”

The Key Citizen Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to Montrose enhance the livability of the community in an extraordinary way, making Montrose a better place. Congratulations Bill and Ralph!
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