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2017 West End Chapter Annual Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2017



First Annual West End Chapter Meeting


28 January 2017, 10:00 am

 Norwood Colorado  - Oliver House


1.    ROLL Call :  Katie Sapp, Jon Sapp, Jenny Russell, Clay Wadman, John B Stewart, Paul Koski

    Bob Wargowsky  (non-member)  

2.    MEETING AGENDA: Paul Koski opened and chaired the meeting with an introduction and brief history of his 23 year relationship with COPMOBA and how the organization has affected trails in the West End. Members were brought up to date on the relationship between COPMOBA, West End Trails Alliance (WETA) and Montrose West Recreation (MWR). There was discussion about mission statements and overlapping interests, plus the non- profit status of each, WETA being under MWR’s non profit “umbrella”. 

     The handling of funds by the local committee was explained leading to a discussion on the many benefits and challenges of being a  COPMOBA Chapter.  Various local trail projects were explained how they were funded and how COPMOBA has been successful in obtaining funding for planning, construction and maintenance of regional trails from a variety of sources. COPMOBA membership counts were given for each chapter.

    The need for a formation of a local committee to satisfy COPMOBA bylaws was explained which led to discussion of possible commitments  to the organization from those present.

3.    LOCAL COMMITTEE FORMATION- It was decided by unanimous consent that Katie Sapp, John B Stewart and Paul Koski would make up the local committee and Paul Koski would chair and be the COPMOBA board representative. Paul explained his desire to eventually pass his Board position on to someone else and gave Katie Sapp his recommendation to become a Board member. Katie agreed to consider and attend the next COPMOBA Board meeting.     


    The bottom connector to the Picket Trail and  overall maintenance was discussed as a possible project for 2017. JB Stewart will head up this project. 

    A possible bicycle clinic and beer fest was suggested. Jon Sapp will head up that event.

    Local rides will resume as trail conditions warrant.

5.     NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING-  Feb 16th 2017, Norwood  LTBA*  (*WETA’s regularly scheduled meeting)  Katie Sapp will locate.

6.     Meeting adjourned 11:40 am

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