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COPMOBA Forest Lands Volunteer Report 2013

November 7, 2013
COPMOBA and our volunteers made great progress on the Mesa Top Trail in 2013.  In July we had two events with one sponsored by the Singletrack Sisters (Thanks Kristina) and the other by the Endoholics (Thanks Steve and John).  Both weekends had a great turnout and some really high quality trail was built. The trail was connected to the Greenwood ATV trail resulting in a new loop option in which we could begin using a segment of trail built at the end of 2012. 

In August, Antonelli’s Advanced Automotive and Dan Antonelli sponsored another event in which we were able to continue building trail past the Greenwood trail.  Ultimately we were able to connect the new ½ mile of new trail to an old existing 2 track.  This 2 track winds its way through some open parks and down a steep rocky hill to access the Flowing Park road Quick read more or view full article right at the head of the Flowing Park reservoir.

In September the weather allowed one more day of construction sponsored by Colorado Chiropractic and Muscle Care and Bryce Christianson.  The crews spent the day in various places tuning up the trail, maintaining some spots on Flowing Park and improving the steep rocky hill at the Flowing Park reservoir.

There was some TLC applied to the trails on the Uncompahgre.   There were individual efforts to clean the brush and trees from several of the popular trails around Big Creek Reservoir.  (Thanks Kevin)

A banner year for trails!  We are looking for more of the same for next year, possibly completing Mesa Top and beginning another trail project in the area. 

We are submitting 799 hours of volunteer work on the Grand Mesa and 46 hours on the Uncompahgre for a total of 845 volunteer hours.  Our best year ever! 

We have received lots of positive comments from riders about the Mesa Top and Flowing Park trails.  You and your hard work appreciated by many. 

A big thank you to Kris Cox for his hours and hours of efforts and leadership before and during all the events on the Grand Mesa! 

And a big thank you to Chris Foreman and the local Forest Service office for providing whatever we needed to make the events successful.

Thank You All!
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Posted by Dan Antonelli
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