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February 6, 2014
COPMOBA is a Partner in the Grand Valley Trails Association Roundtable.  We will be meeting with other area trails organizations to help the trails community understand all the trail projects and the group can explore ways to enhance trail efforts.
Grand Valley Chapter Work Calendar is in the process of being completed for the year.  We will be mainly focusing on Maintenance of the Valley Trails. 

We are working to extend the Three Sisters project and are awaiting approval from Arch and Cultural planners.  Hopefully this fall we will be able to put shovels to the ground.  
We are going to try to complete Mesa Top Trail to Flowing Park this year.
COPMOBA in conjunction with Hilltop Crews will be working in the Lunch Loop Area this spring.  
Turkey Flats will be an area of emphasis for maintenance this year.
Work Weekends are planned for 18 Rd for Maintenance one Quick read more or view full article in the spring, one in the fall.
Potential for new routes in the NCA Kokopelli Area, this will depend on Project Leader Availability.
Monday Night Maintenance will not be set in stone for this year.   Notices for work nights will be put out for areas in need and depending on Project Leader and Crew Leader availability.
Libby Collins with Mesa Land Trust will be presenting at next Chapter Meeting about status of Monument Road and Bookends Properties.
Next Chapter Meeting is March 3rd at Fiesta Guadalajara GJ 7th and North Ave. at 6pm in downstairs meeting room.  We will have the calendar completed at this time.  We will be trying to get out to 18 Rd in late March or Early April for a Trail Maintenance weekend depending on the weather.
Current Chapter Committee Members:
Chapter Chairman-Kris Cox
Treasurer-Adam Wadas
Sectretary-Max Conners
Marketing-Jody Winkler
New Member-John Howe Read Less
Posted by Kris Cox
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