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Palisade Plunge Update

April 12, 2016
Latest steps and status of the project is as follows - after several meetings and some vigorous commentary, the trustees of the Town of Palisade (TOP) took on the lead role in the attempt to obtain funding for the project in the first round of available GOCO grant money. In support of this, at the request of the TOP, the City of GJ and Mesa Co both agreed to provide up to $100K ea of reimbursable funds in support of the effort. We thank the GJ City Council and the County Commissioners for supporting that phase of the effort.

However, the project was not chosen from among the applicants to submit a final proposal, so we missed on that opportunity.
A few important steps have taken place however, and planning on the project continues. From the various meetings, two new partial route options have come up for consideration. These Quick read more or view full article generally address the route possibilities for getting from the mid-elevations to the valley floor elevation. These include a finish to the Horse Mtn ERMA area (south of Palisade), a finish through the Palisade Rim SRMA, and a somewhat revised finish in the area initially conceived - using the lower portion of the Rapid Creek drainage.

Also through the various meetings, the TOP trustees inserted the goal of creating a start/end point for the route in downtown Palisade. This has energized an existing town effort to create a bike/pedestrian path along North River Road which would serve the SRMA or Rapid Creek options directly. The Horse Mtn option would not be in concert with that effort.
In the interim, COPMOBA representatives have met with both the BLM Rec staff and the Mesa County public works staff to identify those three options and obtain initial feedback. Further meetings are needed with USFS, Colo Parks & Wildlife, CDOT, and other partners as we work to finalize a route concept.

Don't take the routes in the attached image literally - they're intended to represent the concepts stated. There's much to be discussed further and we'll be working with the TOP to organize further efforts.
For further discussion, consider coming to future COPMOBA GVC meetings.

Thanks All for your support and efforts along this path.

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