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DAMB - COPMOBA Update & Introduction!

July 7, 2014
Delta Area Mountain Bikers (DAMB):  Update

As many of you know, the Delta bike group (DAMB) was introduced as COPMOBA’s most recent chapter at the anniversary bash on June 14, 2014. The initial DAMB/COPMOBA committee members are listed as Michael Vaughn, Chairman of the committee, Chris Davis, appointed to represent DAMB on the COPMOBA Board of Directors, Jere Page, president of the DAMB group, Tim Gallegos, and Alan “Ace” Brown.  The committee reflects riders from all over Delta county, including Paonia and Cedaredge.

DAMB has existed as an organized bike group for over four years, with members from Delta and Montrose counties, and their focus has been primarily in organizing group rides, trail maintenance and building activities, and otherwise promoting mountain biking in the Delta area.  However, many of its members have been riding together and working together for many years.  Up to this point, members have been quite active in participating in COPMOBA-organized trail building and maintenance activities all over the Western Slope.
However, with the recently designated National Conservation Areas (NCA’s) on both the east side and the west side of Delta, bordering the Black Canyon Gorge and the Dominguez Escalante Wilderness, new opportunities for the Quick read more or view full article creation of single track non-motorized trails closer to home have presented themselves.

Having actively participated in the creation of the renowned Sidewinder Trail, DAMB is presently in the initial stages of promoting new trails on the Smith Mountain area, near Sidewinder, and also working on the concept of new trails in the Negro Gulch/Escalante Rim area, in the Dominguez-Escalante NCA.

For the present, DAMB members have voted to maintain their current social structure of loosely organizing group rides and trail building and maintenance activities, which are promoted on the DAMB Facebook page, while the committee members focus on the work with BLM, and city and county governments, in the promotion of new trails.

COPMOBA members who care to be informed or participate in DAMB activities are invited to join the DAMB Facebook page which can be located by searching for DAMBikers. Read Less
Posted by Tim Gallegos
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