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West End 2014 Outlook

February 6, 2014
With snow still on the ground here in Nucla and the annual COPMOBA Board retreat behind us, plans are underway for two exciting activities in 2014 designed to get local riders more involved with trail development and maintenance opportunities. Normally, signage along the Paradox Trail is checked early in the season each year with some of the more remote sections seeing a bi-annual inspection. Such is the case this year for the traverse section of the PT north of Spring Creek Mesa. We will be planning a ride out along the traverse starting at the old mill town site of Quick read more or view full article Uravan (30 miles south of Gateway on Hwy 141) and make a day long loop ride utilizing a bob utility trailer to haul any necessary tools. For those not familiar with the traverse, it is a 15 mile section of the Paradox Trail which goes in and out of multiple drainages across some very difficult terrain. We’ll also be performing some minor trail maintenance depending on our participation that day which is tentatively scheduled for early May, a specific date to be determined.

There has also been a request for an introductory ride on the Y-11 Trail. This infamous trail starts near Uravan and can be ridden as an out-N-back or as a loop. Depending on participation for this two to three hour ride, riders can opt to do either one. The Y-11 is a moderately technical trail that sees some exposure on high cliffs along the San Miguel River just upstream from the confluence with the Dolores River. This ride will happen in early June with a date to be determined.

If you are interested in either one of these events you should contact Paul at  or call him at 970 428-2276 so we can plan accordingly.   Read Less
Posted by Paul Koski
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